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Pay 30/month for an education to make more than any 4 yr degree would pay you after attending an Ivy league school & spending a quarter to half a million dollars. Hmm.. Think
I wish you were around 20 years ago...
Roy Jimenez
I can’t emphasize how much I recommend BRT. Between Matrix’s blogs, Connor;s tutorials and Nuke’s mentoring you have all the tools you need to start your trading career, should you really apply yourself. The BRT community is second to none.
Nobody comes close to what BRT offers. This is no joke, the best trading community around. Connor is the real deal...
Zachary Carter
Yeah..never going anywhere else...ever
John Jacobs

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Throughout this course you will learn a multitude of different trading strategies and ideas that will help you become more confident in your own trading abilities. Trading is not easy, and if it was then everyone would do it. Trading can be a very lucrative career if done correctly. Trading is not a race, it's a marathon and this course will help you pace yourself. This course has been designed to teach any beginner and advanced trader from the ground up at the most cost efficient price on the market today. Join the course and you will also receive access to an exclusive live trading room with live stock scanners that bring you the hottest stocks to play in the market everyday!

The site is updated weekly.

Basics of Stock Trading, Risk Management, Technical Analysis, Basics of Fundamental Analysis, How to Identify Good Stocks to Trade and much more!

Refunds will be issued if member has completed less than 10% of the course and has requested the refund no later than 7 days from the initial purchase. Refunds will not be granted if 10% of the course has been completed, or if refund has been requested later than 7 days of initial purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS. Refunds must be requested by email to

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